ARPRA is the peak body representing residents living in Residential Land
Lease Communities in New South Wales (NSW) and the Australian
Capital Territory (ACT). We are a non-profit, non-government
organisation (NGO) that provides advice and advocacy for residents living
in Residential Land Lease Communities in NSW and for residents that
have an occupancy agreement in the ACT. We provide training and
advice to residents and members.

ARPRA NSW has branches from Tweed Heads in the north to Albury in
the south, as well as a central branch covering residents in the ACT. We
consult with the NSW Civil and Adminstrative Tribunal and
Fair Trading NSW, along with the Energy and Water Ombudsman's
Office. In the ACT, we liaise with Fair Trading, the ACT Government,
and the Australian Capital Territory Civil and Administrative Tribunal
(ACAT). We also provide mediation and dispute resolution services.


ARPRA spends a lot of time advocating and representing residents to
various government departments on behalf of members. We lobby
governments for review of various legislation, and the outcome of this
lobbying, along with the input of submissions, permits the government to
introduce changes that they deem to be of significance.

We will also

•  Represent you at Tribunal hearings when the need arises.
•  Negotiate on your behalf during excessive rent disputes.
•  Help you connect with local and state government agencies.
•  Help you know your rights.

ARPRA officers work very hard on making sure that your voice is heard.



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