ARPRA now represents residents living in manufactured homes and
caravans in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT). We are currently
working with the ACT Government and key stakeholders to lobby for
better legislative protection for residents of these types of dwellings.
ARPRA is currently establishing a central branch covering all of the ACT.

As a member of ARPRA, you will enjoy all the benefits that residents
living in NSW enjoy. We can represent you in disputes with your
community owner, check over the terms of your occupation agreements,
or represent you at the Australian Capital Territory Civil and
Administrative Tribunal (ACAT) if required.

You will also have access to

•  A range of ACT-dedicated resources that are available free for
•  members in the For Members Only section. (Further ACT-dedicated
•  resources are coming soon!)
•  Free Will and Power of Attorney Kits.
•  Bi-annual members newsletters.
•  ARPRA's fantastic Supagas offer.
•  ARPRAInsure home insurance.

You will also have the benefits of a wide range of services including
access to our 24/7 call centre and legal support.
Your local representative is only a phone call away.
You can have peace of mind for as little as 60 cents
per week! That's cheaper than a postage stamp!

It is the responsibility of each
home owner to ensure that his
or her rights are protected. You
can do this with the assistance
Representing Residential Land Lease Communities
Need help? Need answers?

Call 1300 798 399
9 a.m. to 4 p.m. | Monday to Friday

Calls made from a mobile may be charged at a timed rate.